Friday, December 15, 2017

Right Now : DACA Recipients Risk Arrest in Washington, D.C.

Right now, I am one of 7 DACA recipients risking arrest on Capitol Hill demanding that Congress pass a clean Dream Act as part of the year-end spending bill.

The plan is that Erika, Belen, Juan Carlos, Hector, Barbara, Li and I refuse to identify ourselves - attempting to remain in jail - until Congressional leaders confirm that they will block any spending bill without protection for Dreamers.

Over 3 months have passed since the White House repealed DACA, and Congress says there’s no urgency to act by the end of the year. But every day the Dream Act does not pass, undocumented youth are at risk of detention and deportation. Thousands have already lost their work permits, jobs, and sense of safety.

This is it. We have until December 22nd to ensure Congress passes a clean Dream Act and grants permanent protection to undocumented youth as part of the spending bill. And with brave DACA recipients risking deportation in D.C., we are building the momentum to make that possible!
But to win, we need to make tons of noise and demand #NoDreamNoDeal. All the politicians who claim to “stand with the Dreamers” must do more -- they must commit to rejecting any spending bill that does not include the Dream Act.
With hope,
Cata Santiago

Monday, December 11, 2017

CSU Sacramento DACA Students

Thursday, December 07, 2017

La policía arresta a por lo menos 200 activistas durante protestas en EE...

Dreamers Arrested This AM in Washington : Things You Can Do

DSA Stands With DACA

Dreamers Arrested This AM in Washington

The deadline that Trump has given to congress to act on a fix to DACA is March, 5th of 2018, however for many DACA recipients that will be far too late as DACAs will begin expiring on that date. We must take action to defend DACA.
The Democratic Socialists of America and the national DSA Immigrant Rights’ Committee is proud to join the Our Dream Coalition in partnership with Our Revolution and the Seed Project of Movimiento Cosecha. The Our Dream Coalition has launched "Fight for Our Dream," a nation-wide campaign led by Dreamers which seeks to pass the DREAM Act and fight for permanent protection and respect for undocumented youth, without creating harmful conditions for the rest of the undocumented community.
Members of the Our Dream Coalition are taking action this week to ensure protected status for Dreamers across the country by defending DACA. There were 32 occupations of Senators and Congresspersons offices in 20 states.

Undocumented youth were just arrested at the U.S. Capitol for speaking out at the Visitor’s Center to bring attention to the DREAM Act. They took nonviolent direct action in Washington DC, calling on our representatives to provide permanent protection for all undocumented youth before the end of the year.
Here are three things you can do to support this vital effort of  undocumented youth who are risking detention and deportation by taking nonviolent direct action in support of a Clean DREAM Act:

Step 1: Amplify the actions on social media RIGHT NOW. Follow and share posts with the hashtags #OurDream and #NoDreamNoDeal. Find content at

Step 2: Call your members of congress. Call your representative and senators RIGHT NOW and tell them to vote NO on any year-end spending bill that does not include a clean DREAM Act.  Dial the United States Capitol switchboard at (202224-3121

Step 3: Organize a local solidarity protest. Call some friends, wrangle some folks, make some "No Dream, No Deal" signs, and show up at the office of your member of congress to let them know they should pass the DREAM Act now. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dreamers Disrupt Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

This morning I disrupted the Macy's Day Parade in NYC with to demand permanent protection, dignity, and respect for my community. We are going to do whatever it takes for our right to live in the country we call home.
We are organizing National Days of Action on December 4th and 5th and a mass mobilization in Washington, DC on December 7th and 8th to continue the fight for #OurDream -- and win permanent protection for young undocumented immigrants.
We are your classmates, your coworkers, and your neighbors. We are not just the future of this country, but we are also the present workers that it depends on. We are millions of young undocumented students and workers who are the backbones of our schools, industries, and communities.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thank a Farm Worker

This Thanksgiving thank a farm worker

Happy Thanksgiving. We want to extend our warm thanks to you for being our loyal supporter and helping farm workers. As our families prepare to gather around the Thanksgiving table, we want to ask everyone to take a second to thank the men and women who labor to put the food on our Thanksgiving tables, and whose labor feeds us all year long. These hard working people labor day after day behind the scenes in heat, cold and rain to harvest the food that ends up in supermarkets and eventually on your table.
Join us in recognizing them and letting them know we appreciate everything they do, by signing the online Thanksgiving card our organizers will share with our members at their various farms and dairies. Please take an extra 30 seconds and add your own personal message.
UFW members are marking this Thanksgiving holiday season with a campaign they launched at their latest gathering of worker leadership. Members from Coachella, Ventura County, San Joaquin Valley, Monterey County, Sonoma County, and Oregon and Washington states have taken their message about the benefits of having a union contract out to their communities and social media. “From Our Hands to Your Tables” highlights their stories and the work they do every day.
To follow this campaign go to: and or look for our #ThankAFarmWorker and #WeFeedYou hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Call Congress- Demand a Clean Dream Act

See post  and photo below:  Undocumented and Unafraid.

 "I am doing this because we need change in our immigration system and we will no longer be ignored. We are not victims, we are warriors.
Now more than ever I need you to be in this fight with me. Call your Senators, call your Representatives, and demand a Clean #DreamActNow! Do it for the thousands of undocumented youth who don’t know what is going to happen to them in the next few months.
Send me your love and your rage.

Are you inspired by Belén’s example? By her courage and clarity and commitment to her cause? Are you ready to contact Congress now? Send them emails and then call the Congressional Switchboard 202-224-3121 to tell your elected officials to pass a Clean DREAM Act.

Call these people:

Paul Cook (CA-08) 
1222 Longworth House Office Building
(202) 225-5861 

Darrell Issa (CA-49)
2269 Rayburn House Office Building
(202) 225-3906 

Devin Nunes (CA-22)
1013 Longworth House Office Building
(202) 225-2523 

Ed Royce (CA-39)
2310 Rayburn House Office Building
(202) 225-4111 

Mimi Walters (CA-45)
215 Cannon House Office Building
(202) 225-5611 

Sent to you by the Immigrants’ Rights Committee of DSA.
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